Technology journalists are a strange breed. The job demands that processors, graphics cards and optical drives are the first thing we think of in the morning and the last thing we muse over at bedtime.

This column appears in the July 06 issue of PC Advisor, available now in all good newsagents.

It's expected of us that we instantly recall a product based on an arcane set of numbers and letters – and every time we write a good review, it's obligatory to describe the product as if it could change the future. This issue, however, that last point is true – twice over.

The DVD drive has been an invaluable addition to our PCs for what feels like forever, but now we are stepping into an age of HD (high-definition) TV and video. For some time the IT industry has been preparing to anoint Blu-ray Disc as the next coming.

With single-disc capacity that starts at 25GB and could go as high as 200GB, Blu-ray offers more than enough storage space to cope with the huge demands of highly detailed HDTV video. As our exclusive review of the Pioneer BDR-101A reveals, the technology is far from cheap, but it performs capably. It'll be interesting to see how the rival HD-DVD technology compares, but in the meantime, the future looks Blu.

In the June 06 issue, we introduced Origami, the brainchild of Microsoft and Intel. This ultramobile PC format is designed to please those who find laptops too large and PDAs lacking in functionality and who are never more than a click away from their important files or an internet connection – let’s be honest, that includes most IT journalists. Samsung's Q1 is the first Origami product to hit the streets. Click here to see whether it's any good.