When it comes to urban legends even technology doesn’t escape. There's a wealth of rumours, myths and old wives tales floating about. Whether you're convinced that turning your PC off by the power button will damage it or you believe DVDs and CDs are an everlasting media, we’ve all been suckered in at one time or another, especially when some of the myths seem so plausible that they can’t not be true. Can they?

We've rounded up the 30 most common technology myths and misconceptions and explained why they are, in fact, fiction.

Correct computing

A higher wattage SMPS always draws more power

A 600W power supply does not necessarily consume more electricity by itself than say, a 300W model. The higher rating only means it is capable of delivering more power when the system requires it and at those times, of course, it would draw more power from the mains.

However, during idle or periods of lower power draw from the PC, when the requirement is, say, 250W, both the power supply units will consume equivalent amount of electricity. The amount of electricity consumed by the power supply for the same amount of demand from the PC also depends on the efficiency rating, which is independent of the Wattage rating.

For example, a 500W SMPS having an efficiency of 70 percent can in effect deliver 350W to the PC and an efficient 450W unit with an efficiency of 77 percent can match it.

Owning an all-in-one is like having a repro house at home

Well, technically yes. After all, you can print, scan and make copies. So, on the face of it, it does look like you need not visit your neighborhood photocopier.

But, once you account for the cost of ink per page, you will realise that using your home all-in-one for all tasks is not financially viable. This is especially true for cheaper inkjet models. Printing or copying an A4 sized sheet with black only text can cost you anything between 7p to 10p, depending on the printer, the mode used, etc.

A photocopying shop will charge you around 2p to 5p with the bonus being better print quality as well. With each purchase of a cartridge, your wallet keeps getting thinner!

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