With more than 4,000 reviews online, literally millions of people visit techadvisor.co.uk each month to get expert, impartial advice. But which products do people want to read about the most? Here are PC Advisor's 10 biggest reviews of the year.

Number 10: Iiyama ProLite E2407HDS

With a 16:9 aspect ratio, the 24in Iiyama ProLite E2407HDS flatpanel monitor is well set up for high-definition television.

An inexpensive and a solid performer, this commendable flatscreen monitor proved popular with PC Advisor readers, being the 10 most viewed review of the year. Provided you're not a graphics professional, you'll find this to be a very creditable model for the money.

Iiyama ProLite E2407HDS review

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Number 9: The Sims 3

It not hard to see why The Sims 3 is popular: it's shiny, sexy, and perplexingly emerald-green but, more than anything, The Sims 3 is an intrepid and wonderful game.

Electronic Arts' groomed and gussied-up digital dollhouse is not an intrinsically different game from its predecessors, but The Sims 3 turns out to be a much more fully realised one. Sure, it's still laser-focused on middle-class America (maybe it's time to think a trifle more internationally guys?) but in a tripping-over-itself-to-please-its-base way that's almost touching.

Whether you're part of that base or no, it's the most inviting, gratifying version of the game that makes the utmost in everyday banality utterly seductive.

When we published this review back in June we dared you to not be seduced: and judging by the fact that The Sims 3 is our ninth most popular review of 2009, we weren't wrong.

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