ISP Telewest today announced the extension of its Blueyonder broadband package across Devon and Cornwall, at the same time confirming it has no plans to cut the cost of its services.

By extending Blueyonder to the South West, around 95 percent of households within the Telewest franchise can now get its cable broadband service. It has set no date by when this will reach 100 percent.

But the telco has no plans to follow rival NTL's decision to reduce the premium ISP prices it charges customers who do not already sign up to its TV or telephone services.

"The more services you take on, the larger the cost savings are to us as a company and we pass these on to the customer," said a Telewest spokeswoman.

"We view this as a discount rather than [other customers being charged] a premium price. Over 90 percent of our broadband subscribers take another service," she added.

Non-internet customers are charged £25 a month for a Blueyonder broadband connection, whereas Telewest digital TV customers only have to pay £15.

In a bid to increase its distribution muscle, Telewest last week announced it is in talks with high street retailer Carphone Warehouse to sell its broadband services through the mobile phone vendor's stores.

The telco recently finalised a similar deal with high street games retailer Gamestation.

Telewest currently has 192,000 customers signed up to its 512Mbps (megabits per second) service and hopes its broadband packages will be a key factor in pulling it out of its £5.3bn of debt.