Traditionally, the summer months can be slow ones for the IT industry. With most of the big guns keeping their best products under wraps until the autumn, this isn't a time when we see a great many exciting or revolutionary products released. And even where an item looks, on paper, to be mouth-watering, the reality is rarely as intoxicating as we would wish.

For games enthusiasts, one of the most interesting stories is the launch of the Asus EN8800 Ultra. This high-end graphics card promises the highest framerates yet and offers enough power to put on a parade of pixel-crunching like we've never seen before. And yet it's slightly disappointing. There's no new technology or any updated features - nVidia has simply raised the clock speed. This is typical of a summer launch.

But in the helter-skelter world of IT, it's good to get a brief lull in which to look around and take account of the state of the PC nation. And what a wonderful and varied world it appears to be. We have a copious supply of PCs, including a £449 bargain from Zoostorm. We've got some of the best laptops, from the 2kg slimline Acer TravelMate 6292 to the heavyweight Acer Aspire 5920. With support for ‘Santa Rosa', all of these laptops will slot effortlessly into today's network-driven PC scene.

And what if you want a computer that's a little bit different? Why not try a customisable PC case such as the rather sweet (and surprisingly functional) Shuttle SD39P2 Barebone. Alternatively, you could abandon the wires and the desktop and run everything from a UMPC (ultramobile PC) such as the Medion RIM1000. There have never been as many interesting twists on the PC and its surrounding technology as we have before us now.

As an IT journalist in pursuit of an eye-catching story, I might lament the slow pace of summer. But as consumers looking for time in which to lap up the pleasures of today's ever-innovative and versatile PC market, you most definitely shouldn't.