If you thought that netbooks, Apple iPhones and spreadsheets were just for the boys, watch out for the laptop ladies, web women and gadget girls. They've got a new guidebooks that shows them how to chitter chatter on IM and choose a computer that fits in with their chintz curtains.

A new book - How to Be a Geek Goddess - promises to be a "manifesto on female techno-empowerment", although it does so by showing the chicks how to fit a new computer in with their Kath Kitson wallpaper and throw cushions.

Other topics include online shopping, so no sterotype is left uncovered.

Geek Goddess

Author Christina Tynan-Wood blogs on Geek Girlfriends, and has also written for Family Circle, Parenting, This Old House, USA Weekend, Edutopia, and Working Mother, as welll as the more techy Family PC, Popular Science, PC World and PC Magazine.

"I decided to write this book so that I could answer the questions my girlfriends asked me about technology all at once," she explained.

"Women are working, raising kids, taking care of parents, and running businesses as well as homes. They need time-saving and organizing tools, but they also need to grasp technology in order to help their kids navigate it."

Readers will learn how to:

  • Buy the right computer "to fit their needs, decor, and budget"
  • Surf the Web with confidence, organize schedules, and manage finances
  • Master email, mobile phones, and instant messaging
  • Keep family members safe from spyware, viruses, stalkers, and phishing scams
  • Connect with friends, grow their professional networks, or "find that special someone online"