The first 3G (third-generation) handset based on the Symbian operating system has been unveiled in Japan, the Fujitsu F2051 which will go on sale there in late December.

This is the first phone to reach the market, since Sendo's last minute decision to ditch Microsoft's Windows Powered Smartphone OS (operating system), in favour of the Symbian OS. Sendo is still working on its Symbian-based handset.

The Fujitsu handset, which also has the distinction of being the first Symbian OS-based phone to be available in Japan, is a clamshell-style model packed with a number of advanced features.

These include a 100,000-pixel CCD (charge coupled device) camera which can be used for taking still pictures or moving images up to 15 seconds long. The camera rotates through 270 degrees so it can be pointed either towards or away from the user, and software in the phone allows images to be cropped and the brightness to be corrected automatically before sending.

The handset has a 2.2in colour TFT (thin film transistor) display, standby time of around 200 hours, talk time of around 110 minutes and weighs 114g.

It will cost around ¥30,000 (£154). As yet there are no plans to launch the phone over here, but PC Advisor will keep you posted.