Sports news website has introduced ESPN Motion, a new feature that delivers uninterrupted and crystal-clear instant-on video highlights to your computer. This level of quality is made possible by the fact that ESPN doesn't really 'stream' anything to you at all.

"As always, we're looking for ways to better service sports fans, and delivery of topical video and adverts in such high quality really takes this medium to another level," said Ashley Swadel, a public relations representative for

So what's the secret to the smoothness? ESPN Motion is actually a small piece of software that you can download free of charge from its front page. Once installed, the software will automatically start downloading high-quality video files to your computer while you go about other tasks. As soon as new video is available, a blue 'E' icon should appear in the on the righthand side of the Windows Taskbar. Clicking on this icon will take you to the front page and the ESPN Motion video will start playing.

The software was in development for almost a year and a half. It was created and developed in-house by the Walt Disney Internet Group and engineers. It's a Patent Pending technology that should make a transition to the Mac OS X soon, as a version is in the works, but PC users can run it now.