Patrick McCreesh writes: "At startup I receive two error messages: 'Procedure entry point GetProcessImageFilenameW could not be located in dynamic link library PSAPI.dll' and 'Runtime error 217 in 00025046'.

"I have installed and reinstalled Microsoft Works 8.0, but receive the error 'Procedure entry point [email protected]@@[email protected] not located in Wkwbl.dll' when I try to open the word processor and a similar one when I open the spreadsheet."

The fix
If you can use System Restore to roll back to before all this started happening, that would be the easiest solution. You haven't provided any information about what you have done to your system that may have caused these errors to occur, but it is possible that you installed a beta version of IE 7.0 or Office 2007.

If you did install either of these, uninstalling them would be a good start, though it isn't guaranteed to solve the problem. It's unwise to install beta software unless you have a full system backup to fall back on, as such programs by definition have bugs and may cause conflicts developers are unaware of.

The 'GetProcessImageFilenameW' error may be coming from a program called MotiveSB Client that runs at startup. If that's the case, this program can easily be dispensed with. Use a tool such as Autoruns from to see if a Motive Client application is run at startup. If it is, delete the entry.

The 'Runtime error' looks as though it could be coming from a program developed using Borland Delphi, but that's as near as I can get to identifying it. However, the program name should be in the title bar of the dialog box that displays the error message.

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