Back in our day, when we told the teacher the dog ate our homework, we meant it had chewed up a few sheets of paper. But now canines have to take more radical action if they are going to destroy your prized essay, as one schoolchild found out when the family pet chewed through a the power cable on their notebook, causing it to short out.

This is just one of the top ten strangest ways to destroy a laptop compiled by insurer Complete Computer Cover's claims data. Staff have collected the strangest stories, and ranked them for their oddity value.

Other novel ways to trash a notebook included dropping an iron and smashing the screen; running over a notebook left in the drive and a milkshake spilt over a keyboard. But the number one slot went to a student who managed to throw his laptop off a 20ft bridge, when a friend pushed him from behind. The full top ten can be viewed here.

Perhaps the most interesting finding was that, while street crime is usually touted as the thing notebook users should be most wary of, Computer Cover's figures show that 60 percent of claims are made for accidental damage, rather than theft. This is worth bearing in mind if you follow the current trend of choosing a laptop as a desktop replacement, as these stories show how vulnerable a portable PC can be.