Sony will add a new high-end digital still camera to its line-up in November, with the launch of the 10Mp CyberShot DSC-R1.

The camera’s most striking feature, as with previous top-of-the-range Sony models, is its large Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T 5X optical zoom lens. The camera body is attached to the back of the lens and extends to the right, with a grip on the end.

The CMOS image sensor is APS-class, meaning it is about the same size as an APS (Advanced Photo System) negative, and similar to those found in professional digital still cameras, according to Sony. This means users can expect high sensitivity to light and low image noise (or graininess), the firm has said.

In addition to a viewfinder, the camera has a 2in LCD that folds up from the top of the camera and can be swivelled around to face the photographer, or into nearly any other position. The image displays a live preview of the picture about to be taken, so the photographer can better judge shot framing and color.

Shot-to-shot time is one second, and the camera has a three-shot burst-shooting mode. Shutter lag, which is the delay time between pressing the shutter button and the shutter release, is 7.5 milliseconds. The battery lasts for about 500 shots, Sony has claimed.

The camera accepts both Memory Stick and Compact Flash memory cards, and can store files in Jpeg or RAW image modes.

Launch plans for the UK were not announced.