Sony is asking that about 3.6 million power adapters supplied with its slim-version PlayStation 2 be returned for replacement. It is concerned that there is a danger they may overheat, melt and then injure users.

The company issued a recall notice to customers worldwide on Tuesday and warned that the adapters in question shouldn’t be used until they have been replaced.

In the US, the company has already received reports of 38 adapters overheating, including 19 incidents where they melted, it said in a statement. There have been four reports of minor property damage, two reports of minor burns and one report of a minor shock, the company said.

“Not all of the AC adapters in question may be defective but as we are not able to identify which are defective, we are voluntarily recalling all to make sure all customers are safe,” said Nanako Kato, a spokeswoman for SCEI in Tokyo.

In North America, the recall covers about 960,000 adapters shipped with SCPH-70011 or SCPH-70012 PlayStation 2 consoles. The adapters in question bear date codes between 2004.08 and 2004.12 and have serial numbers beginning with F3, said SCEI’s US subsidiary in a statement.

In Japan, about 60,000 potentially faulty adapters were shipped with SCPH-70000CB model consoles. They bear the same manufacturing dates and all carry the model code HP-AT048H03.

The European adapters subject to the recall include about 2.3 million units shipped with SCPH-70002, SCPH-70003 and SCPH-70004 models. Like the Japanese models, they carry manufacturing dates between 2004.08 and 2004.12 and the model code HP-AT048H03.

More information regarding the recall is available online here.