This summer Tesco offered its customers the chance to compile their shopping lists on a PDA (personal digital assistant), enabling them to send their orders to the store wirelessly or via a synching cradle. Now the supermarket has extended the Pocket Shopper service to Microsoft Windows Powered Smartphones with its Phone Shopper application.

By porting the application to Smartphones, Tesco believes it can make it easier for customers to place internet shopping orders as they can be sent directly from the phone while also allowing the retailer to provide more up-to-date information on offers and promotions.

The application, which was developed by DAT, works in much the same way as the Pocket Shopper, relying on the same fulfilment mechanisms as Tesco's internet shopping service. "You use the same account as for internet shopping and a small client application stores all your information — like favourite items — on the phone," explains DAT product manager, Phil Greenhalgh.

Once you have completed your order you can send it via GPRS (general packet radio service) direct to the store. Delivery is made in exactly the same way if you had shopped over the internet.

It is expected that the Tesco Phone Shopper service will be rolled out to Smartphone users in February 03, according to Greenhalgh.