In an attempt to revive the sluggish mobile phone market, Siemens is developing handsets as fashion accessories for the European and Asian markets.

The Munich company has developed a collection of four "wearable" fashion phones that it will sell through fashion retailers and department stores. Two collections of four phones will be released each year, one spring/summer and one autumn/winter.

The first collection will be launched in London on 15 February, during London Fashion Week.

The theme of the first collection will be Space on Earth. The target market is "anyone interested in space and any fashion-minded people, not just young people," said Siemins' spokeswoman.

The phones are small with simple voice functionality, will be manufactured in limited quantities and will have a life cycle of 12 months.

"That doesn't mean they'll self-destruct after 12 months, though. It's just that any unsold ones will be taken off the shelves after 12 months," the spokeswoman said.

The new phones will initially be sold in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Singapore, China and Hong Kong from April and in further markets from September.