AMD's latest 64bit Opteron processor looks like it'll put in a lacklustre performance when it makes its debut at the Computex show in Taiwan on 3 June.

In an unfortunate but revealing error, AMD put out a press invitation before it was finished. Whoever at the firm was charged with 'signing off' the release condemned the current demonstration runs as "anything but high-performance".

This makes AMD's hype about Opteron being an eighth-generation processor capable of high performance look somewhat overblown.

"The demos we're currently showing are anything but high-performance. They're pretty low-performance right now and we don't want to invite questions about just how fast they're running," read an unattributed but patently corporate comment in the draft invitation.

An AMD spokeswoman in Hong Kong confirmed that the company plans to demonstrate a four-way Opteron server at Computex but denied that the Opteron chips to be used in the demo are low-performance processors.

"This is wrong," said Carol Mui, a company spokeswoman. "It's an eighth-generation processor. How can it be low performance? We definitely will demonstrate a high-performance system," she said.

Mui would not comment on specifications of the Opteron processors to be used in the four-way server demo and refused to reveal the chips' clock speed. Instead, she said AMD would release more information on 3 June.

PC Advisor's Reviews team will be going to Computex, so we shall see whether AMD can pull the cat out of the bag by then.

Opteron is the brand name given to the server and workstation versions of AMD's forthcoming 64bit processor line, formerly referred to by the codename Hammer.

The Opteron demonstration at Computex will be the first time the company has publicly shown the chip running in a four-processor configuration. When Opteron ships next year, the chips will be available in systems with up to eight processors.

Computex will be held in Taipei from 3 June to 7 June.