Sharp will later this month release two multimedia notebook PCs with screens as bright or brighter than the company's LCD (liquid crystal display) TVs. The screens are the brightest in the industry for notebook PCs, a company executive said at a press conference today.

The PC-XG70H and the PC-XG50H will go on sale in Japan on 28 and 22 January respectively. They have 15in TFT-LCDs (thin-film transistor LCDs) with a brightness of 630 candela per square metre, well above industry standard for notebook PCs, and approaching the brightness levels of the company's LCD TVs, said Minoru Taniguchi, group deputy manager of Sharp's information and communications systems group.

The screens have a resolution of 1,024x768 pixels. Both models have built-in analogue TV tuners and come with remote controls that enable the models to link to the internet and other devices such as DVD players. The PC-XG70H comes with a 160GB hard-disk drive, and the PC-XG50H with an 80GB disk.

The notebook PCs are positioned as top-of-the range models that are designed to be used as TVs as much as PCs, Taniguchi said.

Last year, the company said it wanted to incorporate more of the LCD technologies used in its Acquos brand of LCD TVs into PC monitors to make consumers comfortable watching TV on their PCs. Generally speaking, PC and notebook PC screens have lacked the brightness of the screens used for TVs.

In December, the company started selling the PC-TX26GS and PC-TX26G PCs with 26in widescreen TFT LCDs that have a resolution of 1,366x768 pixels, but those screens have a brightness of 500 candela per square metre.

The company's best-selling LCD TV in Japan is its 37in LC-37GD4, which has a brightness of 450 candela per square metre, according to Miyuki Nakayama, a company spokeswoman. The company does not disclose the brightness specifications of its other notebook PC screens.