Samsung today demonstrated an engineering sample of the M70, the first 19in notebook in the world. With a 1,680x1,050 WSXGA screen that is detachable from the keyboard, the M70 will be available early next year for £2,199, including VAT.

The screen can be fitted into a docking station so it looks like a conventional LCD monitor. This can then be connected to the keyboard of the M70 via a VGA cable, or connected to an entirely different PC.

Samsung's emphasis when it comes to laptops is very much on the thin-and-light end of the spectrum, and even though the M70 is very big, it weighs only 4.4kg. However, this is a laptop that you can genuinely think of as a desktop replacement; if you separate it then you can use it much in the same way as you would a desktop PC, with a greater distance between keyboard and screen.

As you'd expect with such a large screen, the graphics capabilities promise to be good, with a 128MB GeForce Go 6600 card. Though this is by no means the best mobile graphics chip on the market, it should be capable of dealing with most games and graphics-intensive applications.

Samsung also took the opportunity to show PC Advisor some other products, including the thin-and-light X1 laptop, which has the optical drive above the keyboard rather than in the side of the chassis.

Another product displayed was the SM193P+ flat-panel monitor, which can rotate from landscape to portrait mode and has several hinges in the stand so it can be adjusted to the perfect height and angle. It also has a high contrast ratio of 1500:1 and an impressive response time of 6ms.

We'll be testing some of these products in PC Advisor soon, so keep an eye out for future issues.