Legal pundits and curious spectators who just can't get enough of Enron's gripping demise can now visit a new website dedicated to the energy giant's trail of bankruptcy tears. The site contains over 2,000 documents from the company's Chapter 11 case, which can be viewed and downloaded for free.

The website operator E-law said yesterday that it created the site in order to provide a manageable way for interested parties to find information on the bankruptcy filings of Enron, its subsidiaries and some of its partnerships.

The Houston-based energy trading firm has been in the headlines for months since it was revealed to have engaged in some highly creative accountancy to hide its financial troubles.

The company's downfall has directly affected thousands of Enron employees and stock holders, as well as serving to cast a shadow of doubt over many large companies' accounting practices.

E-law hopes that the site, located at, will become an informational hub for the approximately 500 law firms involved in the case, as well as provide up-to-date information to current and former Enron employees and the public at large.