RM has launched the RM Asus miniBook - a tiny PC pitched at students that weighs less than 1kg and, at only £169, costs less than an iPod.

The RM Asus miniBook is aimed at students, who can use the inexpensive PC for word-processing and spreadsheet work, as well as to browse the net and send and receive email and IMs. With its 7in screen the RM Asus miniBook also lets users view photographs, play videos and MP3 files. Click here for pictures and more details about the RM Asus miniBook

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The RM Asus miniBook has a solid-state hard drive and features an integrated webcam, microphone and speakers. It has internal wireless g networking capability and an optional 3G module for easy mobile connection. There is an integrated card reader, three USB 2.0 ports and a VGA out port.

The RM Asus miniBook has been jointly developed by RM and its hardware partner, Asustek.

Tim Pearson, CEO of RM said: "We are working with our technology partners Asustek to bring affordable, mobile computing to schools. We have a responsibility to ensure that all our children have access to the very best learning and the very best technology that is available.

"By developing a student device that is in the same price range as an iPod I believe we are getting there.”