Following the launch of its new Mac OS X software, Apple is planning to tweak its future computers to prevent them from booting into Mac OS 9, according to IT newspaper eWeek.

Unfortunately Apple was unavailable for comment, adding further fuel to the rumours that it is pushing customers to buy its new Mac OS X software, which eWeek claims will be its sole operating system by 2003.

The report also states that Apple's OS X-only policy is part of its plan to move users towards its new 'Pinot' system, which is the next upgrade from 10.2.

Only around 10 percent of Mac users have upgraded to Mac OS X technology, a far cry from the 46 million PC users who have upgraded to Microsoft's XP software.

At its Worldwide Developers Conference in California, Apple CEO Steve Jobs (pictured) rolled a boxed copy of Mac OS 9 out in a coffin while funereal music played through speakers.

Mac OS 9 "isn't dead for our customers yet", he told assembled software and hardware developers, "but it's dead to you".

According to eWeek, Apple is expected to make an announcement at January's MacWorld Expo in San Francisco.