The PC Advisor Digital projectors chart might be dominated by ultra-cheap DLP models such as the InFocus X2 and Toshiba TDP-S20, but this sparkling-new LCD projector from NEC will really add clout to your presentations.

While DLP offers strong contrast ratios (the VT570’s figure of 400:1 is only a fifth of those offered by the InFocus and Toshiba models), it does tend to result in a less clear and precise image. In contrast, the VT570’s LCD image is sharp and beautifully defined. Even on the relatively large picture generated by this projector, fine detail is easy to make out.

The NEC supports a native resolution of 1,024x768 (XGA), but the VT570’s trump card is its versatile menu system – rarely have we seen a projector offer more ways of adjusting the type of picture and colour palette.

On paper, the NEC’s low contrast ratio looks a bar to success. But this offers a supreme colour palette that makes the projector as comfortable with moving video as it is with spreadsheets and text documents.

In fact, throw in the low noise rating, the bright case styling and the ability to alter the aspect ratio at the touch of a button and you have a projector that’ll easily double up as a home cinema model.

  • NEC:
  • £1,405 inc VAT

  • Build quality: 8/10
  • Features: 7/10
  • Value for money: 7/10