Widescreen notebooks tend to be desktop replacements and weigh a ton. The Notino C2200 is an exception. The 1,280x800 screen resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio tell you it’s widescreen, but the screen measures just 12.1in. Weighing just under 2kg and with an A4-size footprint, it is highly portable too.

Word processing and spreadsheet software shouldn’t be a problem on the widescreen. The aspect ratio is also great for watching DVDs, although you’d probably want to hook the Hi-Grade up to a separate speaker system as the onboard ones are limited.

The C2200 is very capable, managing 137 points in our WorldBench 4 tests; only a handful of notebooks have achieved a better result. The four-cell battery didn’t last three hours in the MobileMark 2002 tests, but the eight-cell option, which only costs an extra £20, ran for one minute short of six hours before conking out.

The specs are good – the Intel Pentium M 735 processor and 512MB of DDR RAM should run just about any application smoothly. But the onboard graphics controller will struggle with 3D gaming and other graphics-intensive programs.

The software is good, including an office suite and antivirus package. You can’t write
to DVD, but at under £1,000 this is a good deal.

  • Hi-Grade: www.higrade.com
  • £998 inc VAT

  • Build quality: 9/10
  • Features: 9/10
  • Value: 9/10