Canon’s MVX camcorders used to be a premium range. Prices have now dropped considerably but, thankfully, quality hasn’t and the new flagship MVX25i is a potent performer.

The Canon’s attention-grabbing feature is its 2Mp CCD, which allows still image capture that’s actually worth having. Output is very clear and detailed with good colour reproduction.

Shooting outdoors in bright sunlight, the MVX25i offers accurate colour fidelity and plenty of contrast. It copes well with different brightness conditions. Indoors under artificial illumination, the Canon maintains its excellent standards with faithful colours even in low light.

But there’s a slight hint of overburn in areas and this reflects the tungsten bulbs used in our tests. Overall, though, the Canon would even give three-CCD models a run for their money.

There’s a superb set of manual controls and the highlight is manual audio level adjustment – an unusual feature on a sub-£1,000 camcorder, making this model well suited to serious hobbyists.

The MVX25i is a connoisseur’s camcorder. It’s packed with features and offers close to the best image quality we’ve seen in a single-chip model under £1,000.

If you’re serious about your video, but still want a camcorder to stand in for your digital camera, the MVX25i should be top of your list.

  • £715 inc VAT

  • Build quality: 9/10
  • Features: 10/10
  • Value for money: 8/10

    For a full review of the Canon MVX25i, see the November issue of PC Advisor, on sale now.