A common problem for anyone upgrading their old PC is the hassle of setting up and installing the new one. PC Relocator, as the name suggests, is a utility designed to simplify that process.

The program comes in two formats, Standard and Ultra Control, both of which include the Alohabob High Speed parallel cable. Ultra Control also includes an Ethernet crossover cable and additional features for customising migrations, as well as data-recovery tools.

PC Relocator’s interface is pleasant and easy to use: rather than struggle with the crossover network cable, however – never particularly straightforward – we copied settings, files and programs over a standard network. As long as a program is registered with the Windows operating system, you should be able to move it across, although there will still be issues with software that requires activation.

This is a fairly good, generally well-designed and focused utility. There is only one problem, but unfortunately it’s a pretty significant one. Users of recent versions of Windows such as XP can already access the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard, which can copy most similar data to other PCs, including those using different versions of Windows. The only thing the Windows Wizard can’t do is copy programs.

  • Avanquest UK: www.avanquest.co.uk
  • Standard £40, Ultra £70

  • Ease of use: 8/10
  • Features: 4/10
  • Value for money: 5/10