Apple picking up talent on the cheap? Color me surprised. Elsewhere, the company legally has to admit that Samsungs tablets just arent cool enough for school and those new desktop Macs might be almost the same as those old desktop Macs. The remainders for Thursday, October 18, 2012 view the world through rose-colored glasses.

Whats Really Going on With Color: A Small Apple Talent Acquisition (AllThingsD)

Apple appears to be acquiring much-ballyhooed startup Color, which debuted in 2011 only to rapidly tank when it failed to catch on. Cupertino will take on the firms engineers, but not its product, trademarks, intellectual property, or anything else from the about-to-be-defunct company. Because, you know, Apples already got one.

Apple loses UK tablet design appeal versus Samsung (BBC)

A UK judge has upheld the ruling on an intellectual property case over the iPad and Samsung tablets, meaning Apple will indeed have to run ads in the UK saying that Samsung did not infringe upon its IP. Thats going to be great: Were very sorry we ever compared your sad knock-off tablet to ours, guys. Our bad.

New Mac minis and iMacs to retain same or very similar pricing to current models, Retina unlikely (9to5Mac)

Seems that any new desktop Macs which might roll out next week will be pretty similar to the current offerings. So dont get too excited about the potential of a Retina iMac or a Mac mini thats actually a Mac Pro in disguise. (You know you were thinking it.)