Are you spending too much on your internet access bills? ISP Myinternetpass, believes that you are, claiming that the UK is wasting £1bn on internet access per year.

According to its calculations, users in the South East could save £133mn by switching to Myinternetpass' pre-paid internet access cards. While those in the North West, which has the third highest number of connected households, could save £114mn.

How much an individual user could save would depend on what type of service they currently have. Myinternetpass says that households with an average pay-as-you-go, metered service could cut their bills by as much £192 a year.

Based on an average of five hours online per week, split 70/30 on and off peak, at a cost of 3p peak and 1.2p off peak, Myinternetpass calculates that cost per year for metered access at £270. This is compared to 0.5p per minute at all times offered by Myinternetpass, which adds up to £78 per year for the same amount of time.

Those who use unmetered packages could save up to £64, according to the company.

Cards can be bought from some retail outlets or online at the website. The cards cost £10 and offer either a 30-day period of unmetered access or 2,000 minutes for lighter users — each is valid over a three month period.