One in seven PC users (14.3 percent) would consider spending £1,500 or more on a desktop computer, a PC Advisor survey has found.*

Asked 'What's the most you would consider spending on a desktop PC?', 5.9 percent selected '£2,000 or more', while 8.4 percent set the limit at £1,500.

"I guess about £1,400, which is the cost of my i7 920," replied forum member AL47.

Jameslayer offered a somewhat vaguer "about a month's wages. If I'm honest my PC has already recouped most of what I paid for it. As I go to the pub less, which soon adds up."

Some of these higher spenders may be fans of Apple's Mac desktop PCs. Noldi commented: "My next planned desktop is a 27in iMac. I think that will be around £1,500."

Getting value for money

The number of voters increased steadily as the price limit dropped. A limit of £1,250 was accepted by 10.5 percent of voters, while 13.8 percent insisted they would spend no more than £1,000. A still higher 17.5 percent ticked '£750'.

The largest blocks of voters were for the two cheapest categories: 20.8 percent selected £500, while more than one in five (20.5 percent) chose the lowest price category of all, the £300-or-less slot.

"About £400 will serve its purpose," said spuds.

And the general trend appeared to be that voters are currently inclined to spend less than they have in the past.

"This one cost £800, seven and a half years ago," wrote Armchair. "I would probably build one now, though. Order the components online. Wouldn't want to spend more than about £500."

Finally, the highest bid in our forums was set by a facetious wolfie3000, who said: "How much would I 'consider' spending on a PC? As much as I could. £300,000 would be nice."

Based on 3232 votes, 5th October 2010. Have your say in the poll, or join the discussion in PC Advisor's forums.

(*In our survey question, we added the caveat that this could be a full system bundle or a barebones system without monitor and peripherals, depending on the respondent's preferences and willingness to recycle older kit.)

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