When it comes to computer cases, you don't have to be stuck with a boring grey box. PCs have been packed into everything from pianos and petrol pumps to whisky bottles. We've rounded up the 20 most unusual PC cases.

If you though it was only laptops that could be stylish with funky colours and cool designs, and desktops were always going to be a boring black or beige box, then think again.

Case modders are a PC subculture that build creations that better suit their individual personalities to house their PC in. And I'm not talking about slapping a few stickers on the side of the box.

These people have taken their PCs to the extreme by packing components into antiques, toy figurines, and even custom cases assembled from the ground up. Underneath, these works of genius have powerful processors, wild graphics cards, and gigantic storage capacities.

We've rounded up the 20 most inspiring modded cases, including disc-eating robots, nuclear reactors and even a project by deconstructionist modders who prefer to have no case at all.

Fredrik Perman's wall-mounted Renderfarm

When US modder and industrial designer Fredrik Perman was asked to do some design work for the office of Pacific Design & Manufacturing, he figured, what better way to do a remodel than to pack six Intel dual-core processors into a glass case and place it on a wall?

This monster works as a hub that controls the file and phone server in the adjoining room. For effect, Perman added ten 12in blue cathode light strips, six LED fans, and a wall-mounted 15in LCD screen.

Photo: Fredrik Perman

CaseMods.ru's Wall-E

I couldn't leave this favourite out of the mix. Though there are a lot of Wall-E mods are out there, none come close to the work done by the Wall-E team from Russia, whose work debuted on CaseMods.ru.

I spoke with Leo from team Wall-E, and learned that this mod is packed with a 300MHz Intel Pentium 4 processor, 2GB of RAM, two USB ports, and a 120GB hard drive.

Wall-E's front flap drops down for the user to access the DVD-ROM inside, his head and arms move, and the creators even added Wall-E's little cockroach buddy for extra authenticity.

Photo: CaseMods.ru

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