Whether you're in the market for an insanely high-end rig or you just feel like doing a little high-tech window shopping, check out these pricey PCs. We can all dream.

When it comes to PCs, you get what you pay for. Though £350 can buy a serviceable machine and £1,200 can net a pretty sweet gaming rig, that's just the beginning of the price range for hardcore computing power. Here's a look at what you could have if money were no object.

Falcon Northwest Mach V - $8,130 (£5,135)

Your PC's innards are state of the art - shouldn't the exterior say as much? The folks at Falcon Northwest can build you a blisteringly fast computer. But they can go one step further, too, and airbrush custom artwork on to the chassis. Alas, good taste isn't necessarily included.

Photo: Falcon Northwest

Maingear Shift - $8,208 (£5,185)

If you want a beast that's as imposing as it is powerful, you want Maingear's Shift. The chassis screams 'pragmatism be damned', and the machine is packed with solid-state drives and no fewer than three graphics cards. You get all of that in a vertically mounted case, for optimum airflow.

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