Toshiba has launched what it claims is the first ever wireless-enabled PDA, the Pocket PC e740, which comes in at the high end of its handheld range. There are actually three versions of the device — the Wi-Fi model, one with Bluetooth and a vanilla version with no integrated connectivity option.

The e740 launches today, although it won’t be in the shops until July, and then only the Bluetooth version will be available — the 802.11b wireless PDA will follow at a later, so far unspecified date. All the models will use a 400MHz Intel Xscale XA250 processor, which produces almost double the clockspeed of the 206MHz ARM chips Toshiba has previously used.

There are two expansion slots — SD (secure digital) and CF (compact flash). The CF slot will support IBM’s Microdrive storage cards, but Toshiba says that Intel has warned that there could be incompatibility problems between the Xscale and CF Type II add on devices.

Pricing has yet to be announced, but Toshiba indicated that the Wi Fi model would cost approximately £493; the Bluetooth version, £468 and the basic device, £425.

All the PDAs can use a PC Expansion Pack, which will add a USB and VGA port. This will be priced "under £50" according to Toshiba. The benefit of this is that you can then hook them up to Toshiba's latest TDP-P5 projector, allowing you to deliver a presentation from a combination of devices that weigh in at just over a kilo.

The TDP-P5 weighs just over 1kg (the e740 is 185g), and measures 210x65x160mm. But despite its tiny dimensions, it can still deliver 1,000 Ansi Lumens brightness, and offer a picture size of 0.6-6.35m, over a projection distance of 1.5-10m. It is due for launch in August and will be priced at approximately £2,127.

Look out for our reviews of both products in future issues of PC Advisor.