Yesterday's A-level pass rate of 94 percent was the highest in history but while we all complain the exams are getting easier, PC World thinks the humble PC is the key to getting top results.

In a survey, in which the high street retailer polled the opinions of 300 students, 26 percent of respondents rated 'making the most of computers' as more crucial to passing exams than attending all their lectures and reading text books.

"More and more students use computers each year to help with their studies and this is proportional to [the improvement in] A-level results," said Peter Keenan, marketing director at PC World. "It is not surprising that computers are playing a larger role in helping with academic study. Most students have access to a PC, and the internet is a good research tool."

The government has also been backing several schemes to meet computer demands across all levels of educational establishment.

"Evidence exists of an important link between raising standards and good information and technology," said Michael Willis, Learning and Technology Minister.

But the results should be viewed with some speculation — after all PC World is a PC retailer that sells budget machines for students.

"Revising is the top reason for passing exams. Access to PCs does make working and researching easier but it is definitely a combination of revision, hard work, teaching methods and technology which brings results," said a spokesman at the Department for Education and Skills.

PC World is offering special student deals over the summer on PCs, printers, scanners and digital cameras, with a £400 discount on selected Packard Bell laptops.

Students may also wish to visit which is a PC supplier aimed solely at those doing full- or part-time study.