It seems our hi-tech lifestyles have made their way into the kitchen, with one in six people hoping the future will bring them an automated kitchen capable of planning and preparing meals before they arrived home from the office.

The study by Microsoft was carried out to gain an understanding of the role of the home PC and to look at what consumers really want from future technologies.

Over half of Britons would like to have a hi-fi system that selects soothing music to suit their mood as they walk through the door, and a third would opt for a wardrobe that could select their outfits each morning and help them get ready.

"There is already a trend in interiors towards creating media rooms and living spaces where technology is at the hub of household life," said interior designer and BBC Changing Rooms regular Linda Barker.

"And with people saying they'd like their home of the future to feature technology that's not just useful for work and practical household tasks, but also enhances moods and makes life more pleasurable, that design trend is set to continue," she added.

But the study revealed a clear sign of laziness throughout; one in six men actually requested a toilet seat that closes automatically after use.

The kids were given their say as well, with one in 10 adults already happy to allow their offspring to vote on what technology should be brought into the household.

One in six adults reported their children were best at sending emails and using the internet, while 20 percent said they excelled at downloading music video files to the PC.

If this survey is anything to go by, it looks like we are all well on the way to becoming a bunch of lazy adults with gadgets and gizmos to cater for our every need and our children to programme and take care of them. Sounds great.