Apple's latest Mac OS X software, version 10.2, will be available in shops from tomorrow sporting around 150 new features.

Priced at £99, the software offers such additions as a special junk mail filter. The 'smart' filter studies the contents of messages as its used, which means it can filter out more than just specific keywords found in the subject heading.

The Inkwell system, an advanced handwriting recognition technology, is fully integrated into the text allowing users to connect up their input tablet.

"Mac OS X version 10.2 is light years ahead of Windows XP. There's never been a better time to switch to Mac," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. "With Unix as its core, and the most advanced object oriented environment ever, Mac OS X is delivering more software innovation than our industry has seen in a decade."

An address book system has also been added to allow users to enter contact information just once and then access it from other applications, and a brand new interface also offers a quick way to search through contact information.

The package also offers Quartz Extreme, which accelerates graphics performance by using the power of the Mac's built-in graphics engine to make the desktop more responsive and deliver seamlessly blended 2D, 3D and QuickTime content directly on to the desktop.