A British Computer Society survey has found that over 20 percent of UK executives plan to take their laptops with them when they go on holiday this year. Of these 15 percent are taking a computer to stay in touch with the office, while a further eight percent want to get online to email friends and search for local information.

While the latter group's reasons might make sense, the former represent the ever increasing trend towards workaholism in the UK. They plan to spend up to 14 hours working on their notebook while away — an hour a day on a fortnight's holiday.

BCS boss David Clarke puts a more positive spin on this phenomenon, saying that it "reveals people are using technology to adapt to the demands of their work". This is backed up by the survey's finding that those who did take their work away with them came back more energised and refreshed, knowing they wouldn't have to wade through hundreds of emails on their return.

If you are one of this growing breed of techno addicts BCS has some tips to keep your notebook safe and functioning while abroad:

Make sure your notebook is insured by your company or personal policy.
Don't forget spare batteries or a suitable mains charger.
Keep your laptop in its carry case when not in use. Don't check it in as luggage on the plane.
Ensure you have password protection activated.
Use it discreetly when in public as laptop theft is on the rise.
Don't store sensitive data such as passwords or bank details on your notebook.
Take a lock to secure your notebook when you leave it in your hotel room. If available, use a safe or safety deposit box.
If you plan to work abroad, let colleagues know when you are contactable to keep intrusion to a minimum.