Samsung Electronics has launched two new versions of its Q1 ultramobile PC (UMPC).

One of the models has a faster processor and more hard-disk storage space than the model offered at launch, while the other is based on a processor from Via rather than Intel.

Samsung didn't make a formal announcement about the machines' availability but they were noted in its third-quarter earnings report, released earlier this week. The company declined to provide detailed specifications for the computers but said they are on sale in some European and Asian countries and in the US.

An internet search revealed listings for the machines on some regional Samsung websites and US online shopping sites.

They are the Q1-Pentium, which runs an Intel Pentium M 723 1GHz processor, and the Q1b, which is based on Via's C7 1GHz processor. The original Q1, which was launched with great fanfare at this year's CeBit show in Germany in March, ran an Intel Celeron M 900MHz processor.

The Q1-Pentium has a 60GB hard-disk drive and 1GB of memory, while the Q1b has a 40GB drive and 512MB of memory. The latter configuration is similar to the original model. The screen on both machines is unchanged from the launch model. It's a 7in widescreen touch-panel display with 800x480 pixel resolution.

The Q1-Pentium is priced at $1,250 (about £665) and the Q1b $900 (£480), according to a listing on internet shopping sites and The same sites sell the original model for $1,000 (£530).