AMD has provided a preview of its processor roadmap, revealing details of new quad-core processors and plans for a family of server chips with 16 cores.

However, each of the processors and chip packages on AMD's roadmap are tagged with codenames that do little to explain what each chip actually does. To help you make sense of what each code name represents, here's a quick overview of what AMD has in store, and when each chip is expected to hit the market:

Barcelona: The code name given to AMD's upcoming Quad-Core Opteron processors, made using a 65-nanometre (nm) process. AMD plans to ship the first Barcelona chips next month, with the first servers based on the processors appearing on the market in September.

Bobcat: Codename for a future low-power CPU architecture for mobile devices such as ultramobile PCs and consumer electronics products. Will consume from 1W to 10W of power. Due in 2009.

Bulldozer: Codename for a CPU core designed for servers and clients that consumes from 10W to 100W of power. Set for release in 2009.

Eagle: Codename for an upcoming laptop chip package based on the Falcon processor. To ship in 2009.

Falcon: Codename for the first Fusion chip that will combine a CPU and graphics processor. Designed for laptops, Falcon will offer up to four Bulldozer cores. Due to ship in 2009.

Fusion: The codename for AMD processors that combine multiple components with the aim of lowering power consumption and improving performance. The first Fusion chips, called Falcon, will ship in 2009.

Griffin: Codename for an upcoming dual-core mobile processor. To ship in 2008.

Hardcastle: The codename given to upcoming chip packages designed for business users, including Perseus and Puma.

Leo: Codename for a desktop chip package based on the 45nm Phenom processor, which will offer 6MB of cache. Set for release in 2008.

Perseus: Upcoming desktop chip package designed for business users. To ship in 2008.

Phenom: The brand name for AMD's quad-core desktop processors, which are slated to start shipping during the fourth quarter of 2007.

Puma: Chip package for laptops based on the Griffin processor. To debut in 2008.

Ridgeback: Codename for AMD's 45nm desktop processors. Will include 6MB of cache. To be released in mid-2008.

Sandtiger: The codename for a family of server chips with eight to 16 cores that will be released in 2009. Will be produced using a 45nm process and include support for DDR3 (Double Data Rate 3) memory. Due in 2009.

Shanghai: Codename for the 45-nanometre successor to Barcelona. The quad-core Shanghai will offer some architectural improvements over Barcelona, as well as 6MB of cache. To be released in mid-2008.

Spider: Desktop chip package based on 65nm Phenom processors with 2MB of cache. To be released in 2007.