BT Openworld
has twinned up with in an attempt to get customers to cough up for text messages to tell them when their favourite TV shows are on.

We can't imagine anything worse than getting yet more irritating beeps from our mobile phones, but if you are a forgetful soap addict then this service could be handy. You simply sign up online and pick out your favourite shows on terrestrial, cable and satellite TV. Then text alerts are sent to your phone before each selected programme starts.

You can choose to be reminded 15 minutes, one hour, two hours or six hours before the programme starts, so you can make sure you rush out of the pub in time to catch the latest episode of a gripping drama, or don't forget to set the video for tomorrow's edition of Gardener's World.

Of course BT and aren't offering customers this service out of the kindness of their hearts — alerts cost 25p per text. This could work out pretty expensive if you choose a range of shows, so perhaps investing £7.99 in Dominic O'Brien's Learn to Remember book from Amazon might work out cheaper in the long run.