NEC became the first Japanese manufacturer to unveil a Windows Powered Smart Display this week. It showed off its SD10 as Microsoft launched the software that powers it to the Japanese market.

The SD10 is 10in display powered by a Geode processor twinned with 32MB of RAM. The Windows CE operating system, on which the device is based, takes up around 10MB of this memory leaving the rest available as a local information cache.

The company plans to put the SD10 on sale in Japan early next month for ¥99,800 (£528), which is cheaper than ViewSonic's 10in V110 Smart Display. The V110 will cost $999 (£628), although it does include a copy of Windows XP Home or Pro and a wireless LAN adaptor.

Fujitsu also used the Japanese launch of the Windows Powered Smart Display software to show off a prototype display, but as yet there are no details available about this product.

Launch dates for markets outside Japan are yet to be announced by NEC and Fujitsu.