Hammering home the point that no other projector manufacturer has as many different models designed to appeal to a more varied customer base, NEC will be adding three models to its range in the coming months.

September sees the launch of the as yet unpriced 2.9kg LT260 (pictured). It offers a massive 1300:1 contrast ratio, NEC’s new 3D reform function — promising perfectly square images from any projection angle — and a glut of WLAN (wireless local area network) features which allow the projector to be fed images and slideshows from a number of PC users. It’s also quiet, with the noise level ranging from a peaceful 32dB in normal 2,100 Ansi lumens mode to a virtually inaudible 29dB with the brightness turned down.

In the mid-price range sits the 7.2kg GT950, which can be turned on its side to preserve space or project an image vertically. Adding to the versatility of the final image, the powerful lens shift allows the picture to be accurately positioned even when the projector isn’t in the centre of the room. Ideal for confined spaces or rooms with awkward dimensions, the GT950 is available now priced £4,499 ex VAT.

The most expensive of the lot will be the £7,533 DT100, available in November. Tipping the scales at a hefty 8.5kg, this projector is ideal for large spaces, and can project a 3,250 Ansi lumens image from as far away as 15m. Better still is its high resolution document camera, allowing it to project a 2D picture of any item. The zoom function goes right up to 400 percent, allowing for an unprecedented level of interaction between presenter and audience.