MSN user John Duncanson has sold his house, handed in his notice at work and abandoned the ex-girlfriend he was going to go back to, after voters at MSN told him too.

Mr Duncanson will head off for a new life in Gran Canaria, after a massive 300,000 people logged to vote him to victory in the 'Live your Life' competition, winning him a princely £10,000.

The success of the contest is timely for MSN, as it and Yahoo have been losing ground against Google, which is poised to take over the top spot among internet search engines.

In a 15-day project five MSN users, selected by interview, agreed to let fellow users make their moral, financial and social decisions.

Internet users around the world voted on the daily decisions between 10am and midnight each day at

The winner was decided by who was willing to go the furthest and Duncanson pipped fellow competitor Clare, who was willing to undergo a Brazilian wax for the money, to the post by a mere one percent of the vote.

A spokesman for MSN said: "MSN has a history of doing things like this. We try to keep at the forefront."