Shortly to hit UK shores, allegedly, is a Bluetooth mobile phone headset from Motorola.

We say allegedly because no UK release date or pricing has been set, according to Motorola's PR. But the Bluetooth Wireless Headset 98405, such as it is, is coming.

Vital statistics are claimed to be "smaller than 5cm in diameter and less than 29g, with up to 2.5 hours of talk time and 35 hours standby".

Motorola doesn't (yet) make a native Bluetooth phone but, in the US, the 98405 works with Motorola's Timeport phone using a plug-in Bluetooth Phone Module, the 99332.

The headset is supposedly compatible with other Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and has, says Motorola, been designed to use the same chargers as the firm's phones.

Now for the speculation — don't say you weren't warned.

Sources say that the headset will be out 'soon', which means in a month or so. Expect to see the phone module for the Timeport out at the same time.

Pricing in the US is $199.99 plus tax for the headset and $109.99 for the phone module, so expect to pay around £140-150 ex VAT for it here. The module will probably be around £80 ex VAT, maybe less. Also expect to see a bundle deal on the pair if sold together.

Other possibilities are a Timeport and Bluetooth module bundle and the whole brouhaha for £300-350 ex VAT with connection. Just an educated guess, mind.