Toshiba revs up its consumer and business notebook lines today, releasing computers with Intel's new mobile Pentium 4 chip.

The new consumer Satellite 5105 and Satellite Pro 6100 for mid-sized businesses will ship with 1.7GHz mobile Pentium 4 chips built on Intel's NetBurst architecture, said Masa Okumura, director of portables and worldwide product planning for Toshiba.

While P4s do increase software performance, Okumura said that with normal usage battery life would be about 15 to 30 minutes shorter with the new chips. Users should expect around two hours of battery life with normal usage. This is, in essence, because P4s are desktop processors compared to their mobile predecessors.

The Satellite 5105 comes with a neat LCD touchpad call the cPad. Located on the main body where a standard touchpad normally lives, the cPad has a black and white display that can be used to launch applications such as calculator or clock, as well as to input signatures. Users can set their own grayscale pictures as the cPad's background and customise the control panel to run various programs, Okumura said.

The Satellite 5105 includes an nVidia GeForce4 440 Go graphics processing unit, a 15in display, 40GB hard drive and memory card slots for around £1,760 ex VAT.

The Satellite Pro 6100 is targeted at small and medium-sized businesses and touts 256MB of DDR (double data rate) RAM, a 40GB hard drive and nVidia's GeForce4 420 Go graphics unit. The notebook also includes built-in support for 802.11b and Bluetooth wireless technologies. The Satellite Pro 6100 arrives in mid-March, starting at around £1,690 ex VAT.