Microsoft has released the Windows Vista Hardware Assessment 2.0 Public Beta. This Microsoft tool will test business PCs to see if they are compatible with Windows Vista.

Windows Vista Hardware Assessment 2.0 Public Beta helps business users see how much effort it will take to migrate desktops in a company to Vista by testing the hardware and device-driver capability of PCs against the OS.

Windows Vista Hardware Assessment 2.0 issues reports about those results, according to Microsoft's internal Windows Vista blog.

In addition to testing hardware for Vista, Windows Vista Hardware Assessment 2.0 also will check to see if a PC is compatible with the Office 2007 suite, according to Microsoft.

To download the beta, users need a Windows Live or Passport log-on so they can first register for the beta program.

Since making Windows Vista available to business customers last November, Microsoft has offered a host of tools to help customers with the deployment of the new OS, with two more coming earlier this week at its TechEd 2007 conference in Orlando.

Released at the show, the Data Encryption Toolkit for Mobile PCs helps IT administrators set encryption policies for laptops in an enterprise using the encrypting file system and new BitLocker features of Windows Vista, while the VHD (Virtual Hard Drive) Test Drive allows enterprises to run a virtual version of Vista on PCs to see how it will interact with existing applications.