Apple has acknowledged that some of its new MacBook laptops could be overheating due to a piece of clear plastic covering the vent.

The plastic was noticed by Gert Stahl, who wrote about it on his blog.

"Just like many other MacBooks, mine got really hot and that got me a bit concerned," Stahl wrote. "After playing around with it I found that the vent under the screen is covered with a piece of laminate. I briefly checked the manual and it doesn't mention anything about it. It's very hard to get to it as the gap between the screen and the base is very tight. However, I was able to remove it and surprise… my fans went quiet. The laminate covers the whole vent so no air gets out at all."

Apple has issued a support noticed entitled 'MacBook may run warm because rear vent is blocked'.

The post states: "Some MacBooks may have left the factory with a thin piece of clear plastic covering the rear vent. This is used in the factory to prevent dust from getting into your computer. If your MacBook has the plastic still over the vent, simply remove and discard it."