Taiwanese company Luxpro has unveiled two new digital music players bearing a striking resemblance to iPod Shuffle player, but with a little bit more to offer than Apple’s minimalist bestseller.

The Top Tangent and EZ Tangent are new versions of the company's Super Tangent, which first appeared in March and caused a stir because of its similarity to the Apple player.

All three Luxpro players are small, thin, rectangular and have rounded corners. The navigation controls are arranged in a circle on the front, with settings switches on the reverse. A cap covers the USB (Universal Serial Bus) connector.

However, where the two new players break the iPod mould is the addition of OLED (organic light emitting diode) screens.

The Top Tangent has a 64x48 pixel screen and the EZ Tangent has a 128 pixel by 64 pixel screen.

These mean the players can display track information drawn from the ID3 data in MP3 files. Other differences include the ability to record from the built-in FM radio and a digital voice recorder.

The Tangents are compatible with MP3, Windows Media (including digital rights management protected files) and WAV files.

Like the original Tangent they will be available in 512MB and 1GB capacities.

Battery life has been reduced from 12 hours on the first player to 10 hours on the two new models. The new players will be available in white, black and red.

Both models are scheduled to enter production in late July. Pricing details are not yet available not available but a spokesperson estimated the addition of screens would add about £3 to £6 to the bulk purchase price of the players. The Super Tangent costs about $64 (£35) in bulk and sells to end users for about $100 (£55).