The cost of an office or home projector is often pushed up by pricey replacement lamps which can set you back as much as £300. Lamp seller Lampz hopes to reduce the expense of keeping your projector bright and shining with the launch of Lampz-x-change.

This online service, which will be operational from September, will allow dealers and stockists to advertise surplus lamps for a fraction of their retail cost. Buyers can then browse for lamps for their projector and purchase them at discount prices. MD Mike Henry believes it will be particularly useful for people looking for lamps for older models which might no longer be readily available.

Dealers who sign up early are entitled to an 82 percent discount on registration fees. From 4-10 August there's a one-off, £5 fee to register business details, a one-off £1 fee to list each lamp type and a 50p monthly fee to keep each lamp catalogued. The monthly tariff covers access to the site allowing resellers to adjust price or warranty details.

The cost rises on a sliding scale until 1 September, after which time dealers will have to pay the full fees of £25 business registration, £10 lamp registration and £2.50 monthly fee per lamp listed.

Private sellers can also list spare bulbs for sale but will have to pay the same registration fees, so your probably better off sticking to eBay.

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