Electronics giant LG has now named its 'internet family' who, from the 20 May for five days, will have their every move dictated and watched by hoards of shoppers.

To mark the launch of its internet-enabled range of white goods, including fridge, washing machine and microwave oven, LG's family will be running their daily lives from behind a Harrods' shop window.

But whether the promotion, which is the first time LG has ever tried anything like this, will encourage people to go out and buy LG goods remains to be seen.

"By raising awareness and showing our products in a lifestyle situation [we hope to achieve the] 'I want that in my home feeling'," said LG's spokesperson. "This is about putting LG on the map and just telling people just products exist."

The Big Brother-style promotion will allow the public to vote for tasks for the family to carry out, by logging on to the LG Internet Family website.

The site has already received over one million hits and some of the tasks put forward so far include DIY, dancing and drawing.

You may ask why anyone would want to volunteer for such as task. Well, aside from living in a high-tech home, surrounded by luxury furnishings, all four family members will receive daily makeovers and be kitted-out in a range of Harrods designer gear.

The 'family' members are Sarah Wooster, 41, a counsellor from Peckham, Carl Newman, 40, a sales consultant form Leicester, 18-year-old radio presenter Steve Wilson from Milton Keynes and Clair Parker, 17, a student from Leicester.