Fuji is to put its latest professional-looking digital still camera on sale in UK in June.

The FinePix S602 is equipped with a 3Mp (megapixel) CCD (charge-coupled device) but can produce images twice as resolved, says Fuji.

Equipped with a technology the name of which will have schoolboys everywhere reaching for some Tippex, the FinePix uses Fuji Film's Super Honeycom system, which allows recorded images to have a quality equivalent to a 6Mp pickup.

A CCD chip has a layer of light-sensitive pixels which converts light coming through the lens into electric signals. Usually, each of these pixels is square in shape and arranged like a checkerboard, providing an image of around 2,000x1,500 in the case of a normal 3Mp CCD.

By making the pixel shape an octagon and arranging it in zigzag lines, much like the shape of a honeycomb, the Tokyo company enabled the Super Honeycom CCD to collect more light. This means images can be recorded under dimmer lighting conditions and the new camera offers an equivalent of ISO 1600 light sensitivity, the statement said.

The FinePix S602 is equipped with two autofocus sensors, which will allow for a fast shooting speed of up to five frames per second and shutter speed of up to one-ten thousandth of a second in manual mode.

The product has a fixed 6x optical zoom lens, a 1.8in colour TFT (thin film transistor) LCD (liquid crystal display) monitor, can take SmartMedia and CompactFlash memory cards and allows for video recording at VGA (Video Graphics Array) quality and 30 frames per second.

Expect to pay something in the order of £650.