Konica-Minolta has announced a digital SLR (single lens reflex) and a compact camera that both feature antishake technology to prevent pictures blurring.

The Dynax 5D is a smaller and lighter version of the popular Dynax 7D digital SLR. It's built around a 6.1Mp CCD (charge-coupled device), which uses Konica-Minolta's CxProcess III image-processing technology. The company claims CxProcess III offers fine image detail and stunning colour rendition.

The antishake technology uses a CCD-shift mechanism to compensate for the blurring caused by the camera's motion. According to Konica-Minolta, the technology provides an equivalent correction effect to having the shutter speed increase two to three stops, while keeping compatibility with Dynax series lenses and working even in dimly-lit scenes and in macro mode.

The camera's body is 22 percent smaller than the Dynax 7D, according to Konica-Minolta, and features a rubber grip based on new ergonomic research. The Dynax 5D has a 2.5in LCD screen, which automatically switches from horizontal to vertical format when shooting in a portrait fashion.

The Dynax 5D will ship in September at £704 inc VAT for the body only, or £764 inc VAT with an AF DT 18–70mm F3.5–5.6 lens. Alongside the announcement, Konica-Minolta has reduced the price of the Dynax 7D to £939 inc VAT for the body alone or £1,056 inc VAT with an AF 28–100mm f3.5–5.6 lens.

The Dimage X1 sleek compact camera is based around an 8Mp CCD that allows it to capture images up to 3,264x2,448 pixels in size, and which uses the same CxProcess III image-processing technology as the Dynax 5D. It also measures only 95x58x20mm and is available in three colours – red, black and silver.

The 3x optical zoom lens (37–111mm in 35mm equivalent) is non-protruding, so that the front of the camera is always flat. It's backed up by the same antishake technology as the Dynax 5D – but it isn’t the compatible with Dynax series lenses.

The camera features a 2.5in LCD screen, and saves pictures on SD (secure digital) memory cards.

The Dimage X1 costs £351 inc VAT.