JVC is to start selling Everio G series palm-size camcorders this September. The camcorders contain hard-disk drives with huge capacity boosts compared to the company's prior models, promising very long recording times.

The new lineup consists of the GZ-MG30 and GZ-MG50, which have 30GB drives, and the GZ-MG20 with a 20GB drive. Each model has four recording modes, but even at the highest quality mode, the 20GB models can store well over four hours' worth of video.

In the top-quality recording mode, the camcorders shoot Mpeg2 format video at 9Mbps (megabits per second). The 30GB drives can record up to 7 hours of video in that mode, and the 20GB drive 4.5 hours. At the lowest-quality setting, recording at 1.7Mbps, the camcorders hold 37 hours of video and 25 hours, respectively.

The GZ-MG50 models has a 1.33Mp CCD (charge-coupled device) that will allow digital still shooting at resolutions of 1152x864 pixels, 1024x768 pixels, or 640x480 pixels. The other models have 0.68Mp CCDs.

The models include an SD memory card slot and a 2.5in flip-out LCD (liquid crystal display) monitor. The drives are protected by shock absorbers.

Images can be downloaded to PCs via USB 2.0 connection. Image editing software is available for Microsoft's Windows and Apple Computer's operating systems.

The GZ-MG20 will be available for around £600; the GZ-MG30 for around £650; and the GZ-MG50 around £700